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Crochet Swimwear & Cover-Ups Sizing

                             XS                         S                          M                         L

cup size                 A                          B                        B+/C                  C+/D

waist size          24" - 25"               26" - 27"              28" - 29"             30" - 31"

hip size              34" - 35"               36” – 37”             38” – 39”            40” – 41”


Lycra Swimwear Sizing

                            XS                   S                        M                    L                 XL

cup size                A                     B                      B+/C                C+/D           Full  D

waist size            24" - 26"           26" - 28"            28" - 30"         30" - 32"         

hip size               34" - 36"          37” – 38”            39” – 40”        41” – 42”    



Care Instructions for swimwear:

Rinse well with cool water after each use.

Avoid contact with suntan lotions and rough surfaces such as concrete or wood.

While our crochet swimwear can be worn in pools and ocean water these suits are not intended for strenuous water activity or long periods of time in heavily chlorinated water. Hot tubs are not recommended for our crochet suits!


To launder our suits:

We recommend handwashing both our crochet and lycra swimwear in lukewarm water using mild detergent (do not use Woolite or any type of bleach!)

Our suits do not do well in the washer or dryer - even on delicate cycles.

To dry: Please do not wring! Hang lycra swimwear to drip dry and lay our crochet swimwear flat.


Care instructions for cover-ups: 

Hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent. Wring gently and lay flat to dry.

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