Swimwear made for women, by women.


Ethically and sustainably made lycra and crochet.


Fresh styles. Fresh colors.
See them all.


For the beach, the pool, and everywhere in between.

  • "One-piece swimsuits that are super sexy"

  • "Swimsuits for all body types"

  • "Look like a bombshell at the beach"

  • "Effortlessly sexy classic crochet bikini"

  • "The hottest looks for the coolest spots"

  • "Swimwear that's the next level of hotness"

  • "Swimsuits that are anything but boring"

  • "Inexplicably alluring without trying too hard"

  • "Stylish sunglasses that only look expensive"


There is a reason so many celebrities are spotted wearing our suits.

Kourtney Kardashian

Chrissy Teigen

Emily Ratajkowski

Leann Rimes

Irina Shayk

Kate Upton

Nina Agdal

Sarah Sampaio

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
“Putting this on is for sure going to empower you and your body, so I’d recommend only wearing it around someone who can handle that.“
— The Deep
Customer reviews
This swimsuit makes me feel fricken sexy, but in a safe way. 
— The Breaker


While the bikinis are the focus, we also want to send a body positive message and make an impact on the world around us: To empower women to love the skin they’re in, save the Earth, and look good doing it.